Rest API


The PayUnit REST API provides a relaxed interface for developers to make direct calls to the PayUnit payment aggregator.

The Payunit REST API requires the developer to have a server. This server must implement and expose a notification endpoint that will receive and process responses to payment transactions submitted by Payunit. Payunit expects this endpoint to receive a POST request with the payload data shown below.

  status: 'SUCCESS',
  statusCode: 200,
  message: 'payment has been collected',
  data: {
    transaction_amount: 90000,
    transaction_status: 'SUCCESS|FAILED|CANCELLED',
    transaction_id: 'PU-1672929285456',
    purchaseRef: null,
    notify_url: '',
    callback_url: ',
    transaction_currency: 'XAF',
    transaction_gateway: null,
    message: 'payment has been collected'
Last updated on January 9, 2023